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Code Name Price    
HHT Heal Haiti Tee $20.00
WFHHT Women’s Fitted Heal Haiti Tee $20.00
HMHT Heal My Heart Tee $20.00
T1T The 1804 Tee $20.00
WF1T Women’s Fitted 1804 Tee $20.00
TBT The “M’ap Boulé” Tee - Green $20.00
WFBT Women’s Fitted “M’ap Boulé” Tee - Green $20.00
TKT The “N’ap Kembé” Tee $20.00
WFKT Women’s Fitted “N’ap Kembé” Tee $20.00
WFHMHT Women’s Fitted Heal My Heart Tee $20.00
THTBO The Haiti Tee - Black & Orange $20.00
WFHTBO Women's Fitted Haiti Tee - Black & Orange $20.00
TPTG The “Sak Pasé?” Tee - Green $20.00
WFPTG Women’s Fitted “Sak Pasé?” Tee - Green $20.00
TBTSB The “M’ap Boulé” Tee - Sky Blue $20.00
WFBTSB Women’s Fitted “M’ap Boulé” Tee - Sky Blue $20.00
THT The Haiti Tee - Green & Orange $20.00
WFHT Women's Fitted Haiti Tee - Green & Orange $20.00
TPT The “Sak Pasé?” Tee - Sky Blue $20.00
WFPT Women’s Fitted “Sak Pasé?” Tee - Sky Blue $20.00
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